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Private Events

Whether you're holding a corporate mixer in the city, or a birthday party in a private venue, I am here to make the event unforgettable. Whatever the occasion is, you can expect the event will run smoothly and everyone will have a the best time. Having played at everything from integration events to formal dinners, I exhibit a high level of experience and professionalism. I am also well equipped to create a vibe at your event, my available inventory including:

  • An up-to-date music library with all the hits (also the ability to play any songs you request prior or on the night),

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 decks,

  • 2x Mackie Thump 212 speakers (with stands),

  • SubZero  microphone,

  • All the connectors and cables.

Student Events

Having experienced university, both as a guest and an organiser, I know how hard it is to get a good, flexible and enthusiastic DJ for a good price, especially in London. That's why if you are a student society, sports club or union, I charge a reduced price for the same professional service, in addition to saver deals over multiple events. Wherever it may be held, I can use my inventory to ease the pressures of organising your event (see above).

Guest Sets

have always loved playing in restaurants, bars and clubs, having done so all throughout my career. The challenge that comes with these sets is not knowing who is going to walk through the door, and an inability to prepare as precisely as for private parties. That's why I liase with the organisers, as well as employ my versatility when mixing to ensure that attendees are having the best time at your venue. I arrive prepared for any and all eventualities, and always have a back up plan to allow the night to run smoothly.


"Very good, smooth transitions. Management of the night was also very good..."

"Brought and set up all of his own equipment, very professional and knew exactly what the crowd would love."

"Very good choice of music, knowing exactly what to play at the right time. I  sent him a playlist beforehand with the type of music I wanted, and he took care of the rest - even playing Bollywood/Desi and taking song requests. Overall, he will definitely take care of the music for your night."

"The DJ was absolutely fantastic! They knew exactly how to set the vibe and keep the party going."

""We were a bit nervous since it was our first time hiring a DJ for our event, but they completely exceeded our expectations. Would definitely recommend to other people."

"We loved it!! We had so many people come up and tell us that the music and vibe after dinner was great..."

"Everyone was talking about how good the DJ was all night! Majority of people stayed till the very end and didn’t want him to stop even when the power was cut..."

"I enjoyed not only his music choice and technique, but also how easy and reliable it was to book with him. He took the time to really understand what I wanted, and arrived early to make sure everything was set up and ready. Overall, I think he really made the night and many of the guests have said the same."

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